Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Defeat Admitted

Well I guess It's just not going to happen! Transperth (PTA) wont apply to run the Melbourne Network which is a shame really as I think they would of done a fine job running the network as they do here currently.

But when one takes into the consideration just how bad the situation is over there with the Trains I can imagine that the PTA wouldnt want to inherit a shit fight that originally was Mr Kennetts wonderful idea, InFact it would cost us WA Taxpayers a awful lot of money to fix the issues ie Metrol, Railcars , Crossing and general Security across the network and I cant see many voters approve of that and I don't particluarly want Paul Omodei running the state if the Carpenter Gov gets elected out.

I still find it amazing that Connex ,Mr Bracks and Co keep telling us the network is full to capacity and yet according to design engineers it's actually only half full.

I believe that if you make the network 9Train Service)say run every 15 mins with the same pattern and during peak hour every 7.5 mins on alternate stopping pattern as done here in Perth you can move the masses easier with more space on railcars instead of stopping all stations and cramming everyone in and not making every Train go through the loop. Seriously folks I got tired of going through the loop when all I wanted was Flinders Street. Also as we all run with double track then I cannot see how this is a issue for Connex .

Connex it works like this On Perth's Northern Line (Joondalup) the First train (A stopping Pattern)leaves Clarkson and stop at every 2nd station on the way in for example, the next train (stopping pattern B) leaves Clarkson 7.5 minutes later but then proceeds to go to the stations the (A) pattern did not and the beauty is coz there 6-7 mins apart the first train has time to offload at the end of the line reload and go back the way it came , this continues for 3 hours roughly until 9 am when all services return to 15 minutes service interval this happens on all lines and seems to work with the exception of Armadale Line were the Thornlie spur links in but it still runs a alternate pattern to the other Patterns and they all fit Connex!!!.

I hope Connex get the Arse and Mr Bracks realises that they need to spend money not just on Metrol ( Im sure I like to think that someone noes where my train is when it has'nt arrived not just "floating" out there in the network) spend it on signalling, points, railcars, maintenance so we can proof them for hot weather and clean it all up a lick of paint at stations, rubbish removal off track, My previous job was doing all that in Perth weeding, spraying cleaning up rubbish from the station and off the rails etc and when you put all the things together you get a attractive asset that people will be happy to use and because there happy they wont complain.

Bracks follow WA's example and get buses to link with trains which intern will link with Trams make the Transport convienient like Perth, Our bus to Perth 867 has 4 feeders 167,165, 166,164 that also link up with the 168 to Rockingham they arrive before the 867 leaves making it possible for people to travel from outer areas to get to the station when the train arrives all we do is erase the 867 service to Perth it's not rocket science people but needs a good hard think about it so Bracksy just wipeout Connex and start from scratch with timetables and services.

God help you all if they (Connex) get it back.!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

From what ive seen things are starting to hot up in Melbourne with public meetings in Regards to Connex Contract etc and so they should go.

Ive always been amazed that governments think that public transport is about making money! Why should i use a service that provides investors with a dividend. The WA government wont sell the system because there to shit scared of what the Drivers will do.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reply at Last

Hi all finally got a reply from the DPI in regards to our wish of the PTA tendering against Connex.

Dear Sir

RE: Connex Tender

We thank you for you letter in regards to you requesting the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia to submit a tender application for the Melbourne Metropolitain Train Service.

We wish to advise you that the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia has no intention in submitting a tender within the State of Victoria for the Melbourne Metropolitain Train Service.

On behalf of the Minister for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure we wish you the best in regards to the above matter.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Funny Day

With the time off between jobs atm, I placed a call through to the boys on Havelock Street and asked in regards Transperth (PTA) putting in a tender on the Melbourne system. Well I think these boys think im from the Chasers War on everything and thought it was quite comical and humourous but when I asked to speak to Ms Allannah Mactiernan they said it wasnt possible and alas she up at the House on the Hill tearing shreds off some Liberal Peroxided Blonde.

Have fired off a few letters making them look all official etc but to this point no reply from Ms Mactiernan but I will not take this laying down, Will even fire a letter off to Mr Carpenter (Premier) and see how we go and also will send through to the Tresurer as I have a relative that works in the Department of Premier and Cabinet next door to Allannah.

Hope we hear soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Transperth Pta

Hi All just a new blog in which we can Harrass the Boys and Nuff Nuff in Spring Street and convince the WA Government to run the Melbourne Rail Network and remove Connex in the process because Transperth do such a good job with there services in WA.